Mirror gloss black sunroof paper installation

Mirror gloss black sunroof paper installation on Honda Insight


    • Shields from the elements: A roof wrap acts as a barrier against rain, snow, wind, and even hail, protecting your car’s paint from scratches, chips, and fading caused by sun exposure. This can be especially beneficial if you park your car outdoors frequently.
    • Prevents paint fading: High-quality wraps offer UV protection, helping to maintain the original color and shine of your car’s roof for longer.


  • Customization: Roof wraps offer a plethora of design options, allowing you to personalize your car with unique colors, patterns, and finishes like matte, chrome, or even carbon fiber. You can even go for custom prints or images.
  • Two-tone effect: A contrasting roof color creates a stylish two-tone look, enhancing the overall appearance of your car and making it stand out from the crowd


See this video before install sunroof 

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