Symphony Ambient light Installation on Toyota Crown RS

Symphony Ambient light  64 Color RGB Interior Acrylic Light


About this item

  • Mobile APP control method: Enjoy different functions of the application, such as music mode and scene mode, or use the control box to easily turn on/off the lights and adjust the brightness.
  • Create your scene: Choose from 210 color dynamic modes to suit any occasion in your car. Whether returning from a long trip or working at night, these scene modes are designed to change the way you drive and the overall interior lighting of your car.
  • Music mode: built-in sensitive microphone, your car lights can dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs, more dynamic mode choices, and vivid and colorful lights to enhance your driving experience.

  • Interesting DIY mode: With access to 64 colors through the app, you can create your own lighting effects and apply them to your car lights. According to the interior environment of your car, choose a good location to install the atmosphere light bar.
  • LED acrylic light guide line design: adopts 3-pin design, high-brightness, magic color LED lamp bead LED light bar, 100 cm to 120 lamp bead design, our car lights can be quickly installed and used in various car models. Provide vibrant lighting for your car accessories .our car ighis can be uidky instaled and suitable tor arous ar models Prowide your carwith vibrant ighing.

  • Safe and tidy: The working voltage is 12v, car charger Included, it’s safe and no need to worry about children. The product is installed in the gap, which can provide your car with a good atmosphere effect and make your car tidy.
  • Whether you’re on a ong road trip or working at night. these scene modes are desianed to change the way vou drive and enhance vour overal driving exoerence.

Symphony Ambient light Installation on Toyota Crown RS

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