Toyota Premio 2016-2021 Body kit Installation

Toyota Premio 2016-2021 Body kit Installation by ProAuto

A car body kit is a set of aftermarket modifications or enhancements designed to alter the appearance of a vehicle’s exterior. These kits typically include components such as bumpers, side skirts, front and rear spoilers, fenders, and other exterior accessories. Here are some details about car body kits:

1. **Components:**
– **Front Bumper:** A modified front bumper is often included in body kits, designed to give the vehicle a more aggressive or stylish look.
– **Rear Bumper:** Similar to the front, the rear bumper is often restyled to complement the overall appearance of the vehicle.
– **Side Skirts:** These are panels that run along the sides of the vehicle, connecting the front and rear bumpers. They contribute to a lower and more streamlined look.
– **Spoilers/Wings:** Front and rear spoilers or wings are added to enhance aerodynamics and create a sportier appearance.
– **Fenders:** Some body kits include wider fenders to accommodate larger wheels and tires or to give the vehicle a more muscular appearance.

2. **Materials:**
– **Polyurethane (PU):** Body kits are often made from polyurethane, a flexible and durable material that can withstand impacts and resist damage.
– **Fiberglass:** Fiberglass is lightweight and allows for intricate designs, but it may be less flexible than polyurethane.
– **Carbon Fiber:** High-end body kits may incorporate carbon fiber components for a lightweight and high-strength construction, often used for spoilers and accents.

3. **Installation:**
– Body kits are typically installed by professionals, as the process may involve removing the existing components and securely attaching the new ones.
– Some kits may require painting to match the color of the vehicle.

4. **Purpose:**
– The primary purpose of a body kit is aesthetic enhancement, allowing car owners to personalize the look of their vehicles.
– In some cases, body kits may have functional benefits, such as improving aerodynamics or cooling.

5. **Compatibility:**
– Body kits are often designed to fit specific makes and models of cars. It’s crucial to choose a kit that is compatible with your vehicle to ensure proper fitment and aesthetics.

6. **Cost:**
– The cost of a body kit can vary widely depending on the brand, material, and complexity of the design. High-quality kits with premium materials may be more expensive.


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